S8 TIGER ECO, X-ray fluorescence, ECOperformance


With the innovative S8 TIGER ECO line, Bruker addresses the strong request for economic instruments to be used in industry.

The S8 TIGER ECO operates with just 1 kW excitation power. Any external cooling water device becomes unnecessary, leading to significant savings on electrical power.

  • Energy savings of more than 60% compared to high-consumption systems
  • Automatic standby mode when system is idle
  • 100% savings on cooling water or cooling devices
  • Simple installation and quick system startup


The S8 TIGER ECO offers outstanding system uptime and instrument availability:

  • With the new long lifetime (LLT) X-ray tube, you´re assured of the lowest possible maintenance cost. Guaranteed for 5 years!
  • The unique vacuum seal protects the entire goniometer from sample dust and liquids. For liquid analysis with the S8 TIGER ECO "Petro" models, helium consumption is reduced by more than 20%.
  • The S8 TIGER ECO spectrometers come with the latest and complete SPECTRAplus V3 software, including the ApplicationWizard, Eval, S8 Loader, and the new ResultsManager with SPC functionality.