AFM Quantitative Nano Mechanics Training

May 27-28, 2020 | Karlsruhe, Germany


Kurt Pildner

Course Objective:

During this 2-day course you can improve your skillset and understanding with the fundamentals of Bruker’s Quantitative Nano Mechanics (QNM) application package and how it is used to distinguish between regions of different mechanical properties during scanning. This training will focus on using the Icon AFM for practical work, but  the software use is almost identical for QNM with our other NSV AFMs; Multimode8, BioscopeResolve.

If you are new to the techniques or just need a refresher, you can choose to participate in just one or both days of the course, depending on your personal requirements. The course covers; the basic theoretical background for extraction of mechanical parameters from AFM force curve data, calibration of the system for accurate QNM data, demonstration and hands on practice with QNM using both the absolute and relative calibration methods and demonstration of Bruker’s high accuracy QNM technique. The course will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany. The language will be English.



Day 1: QNM Part 1

  • Force curves and the mechanical information we can get from them
  • How to get force curves fast with Peak Force Tapping (PFT)
  • System calibration for quantitative data
  • Demonstration of absolute method for QNM
  • Practice with absolute method

Day 2: QNM Part 2

  • Overview of previous days information
  • Demonstration of the relative method for QNM
  • Practice with the relative method
  • High accuracy QNM with pre-calibrated probes
  • Analysis of QNM data using Nanoscope Analysis


Register Here


One free seat for standard care customers. Two free seats for premium care customers. Standard fee is €500 per day. Daily lunch included. Application dead line closes 3 weeks (15 working days) before the training is scheduled to begin. The maximum number of participants is limited at 8. When more than this register we will aim to schedule another training event in the future. If fewer than 3 people register, the course will be cancelled.