My Story: Markus, Senior Scientist

„As Project Manager in Clinical Mass Spectrometry I can use my knowledge gained when I was writing my dissertation on Sphingolipids deploying Bruker mass spectrometry. With my scientific background, I can judge and assess products from a user perspective.

Markus studied Biology for Diploma at Würzburg University, earning a doctorate degree. It was a perfect match when he saw a Bruker job ad, which indicated they were looking for employees in their R&D clinical application unit. Thanks to his experience in mass spectrometry, he is well suited for this task.

His role is to assess new technologies and developments from a clinical biologist‘s or other user’s point of view. He tests new products under real conditions and reports results to the product development team, so that they can make adjustments or optimize certain product features before they are sold in the markets.



My Life

I studied Biology at Würzburg University and completed my dissertation in 2010. It is based on an analysis of Sphingolipids (SPL) for which we used innovative Mass spectrometry, a pioneering technology at the time. The analysis of highly complex and diverse Sphingolipids had only become possible because we could utilize advanced mass spectrometry and chromatography methods in our research for the first time.

So, it was a lucky coincidence when I saw a job advertisement indicating that Bruker Daltonics in Bremen was looking for a scientist with experience in clinical mass spectrometry. And after my application had been accepted, I moved to Bremen where I’ve been living and working since 2012.



My Role

I chose to join Bruker Daltonics because I always wanted to work in an interdisciplinary field between business and sciences, software and hardware, developers and users. My scientific background allows me to act as an interface between Product Development and end users.

My suggestions for optimization of hardware, software or other components are not only tolerated but also invited and encouraged. The flat hierarchy at Bruker facilitates innovation. A useful proposal is not objected for reasons of rank and job title. The only thing that counts is whether a proposal makes sense or not. Now, I understand why high-class and cutting-edge products are often developed by companies that are characterized by openness, flat hierarchies and close cooperation.