Process Development & Reaction Monitoring

The process development of API’s includes the preliminary design as well as the scale-up of the recipe used to manufacture the desired drug substance.

Real-time monitoring of small-scale chemical batch reactions with Bruker's MATRIX-MF FT-IR spectrometer provides huge benefits to the future manufacturing process. Not having to wait for a lab analysis and a tighter control of the reaction detects critical problems much earlier and helps to select the right criteria for a safe and scalable route.

NMR is highly complementary to vibrational spectroscopy in the field of reaction monitoring. It’s quantitative by nature, structurally rich and non-intrusive making the technique extremely useful to identify and characterize reaction intermediates, gain insights into the reaction mechanisms and determine kinetics.

NMR complements IR in the lab, enhancing process understanding and consequently the robustness and confidence of IR in situ process monitoring in the plants. InsightMR enables monitoring of chemical reaction by NMR in real-time under real conditions. With integrated data acquisition and analysis, and a custom designed flow tube, InsightMR is the perfect solution to complement your vibrational spectroscopy measurements.