Preclinical Imaging for Cardiology

Correlate important molecular, anatomic and functional changes in vivo with multimodal cardiovascular imaging

Capturing biological and structural information in the same, noninvasive imaging session using a multimodal imaging approach simplifies data analysis and speeds study times. With multimodal imaging, it’s easy to trace molecular, cellular, anatomic and functional indicators of cardiac health in living subjects longitudinally.

Bruker's modular systems - the In Vivo Xtreme and Albira Si systems - provide a choice of X-ray and optical modalities to efficiently quantify and co-locate one or more physiological markers with vessels and heart structures. Complementing the modular systems, our preclinical MRI and magnetic particle imaging (MPI) systems feature outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for the highest precision anatomic and functional imaging.

Bruker solutions are tailored to meet the challenges of small animal imaging with technologies that help to rotate the subject into an ideal position, capture small areas in high resolution, and account for fast heart rate.
Read more about techniques in preclinical cardiovascular imaging in the application notes below, including high-resolution angiography using cost-effective planar X-ray imaging and detailed in vivo studies of cardiovascular morphometry using advanced self-gating MRI.

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