Ceramics and Refractories

Crucial for every industrial process with high temperatures

High grade ceramic materials are crucial for every industrial process with high temperatures far above 1200 °C such as metal production (steel, copper and aluminium), cement, glass, energy generation and waste incineration. They are used where metals have reached their limits of suitability and components are exposed to thermal, mechanical or chemical stress.

For the protection of kilns, vessels, pipelines and machinery the surfaces are lined with refractories specific for every kind of process.

All production accessories must withstand the high temperatures; high product quality for high performance ceramics and refractories is one of the keys for durability.

The spatial distribution of particular elements, crystallography and phase boundaries yields information about the quality of the raw material and the finished product. For successful quality check and failure analysis of cooled samples, Bruker's Micro-XRF tabletop instruments and electron microscope analyzers provide non-destructive methods and tools to perform spatially resolved analyses of texture and element distributions down to ppm levels.