Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies is a leading manufacturer and developer of a broad range of advanced materials and devices. Our product and service range comprises:


Low Temperature Superconductors

Our LTS products are used in a wide range of applications, including clinical MRI and ultra high field NMR as well as energy storage, high energy physics and fusion research, addressing the world's energy needs.

High Temperature Superconductors

Our product range comprises 2G HTS wire customized for a large range of applications such as motors, generators, cables and fault current limiters. We also offer coils and current leads tailored to customer specifications.

Cuponal (TM)

Our hydrostatically extruded metal product line includes Cuponal (TM) copper clad aluminum wire and sections for the aircraft industry and electric power equipment.


Synchrotron Intrumentation

Monochromator Systems, X-ray Mirror Systems, Beamline Components, Experimental Stations, Protein Crystallography Endstations & BioSAXS, X-Ray Microscopy, Complete Beamlines.

Research Instrumentation by Research Instruments

Development, production and sales of electromagnetic components and systems for particle accelerators and other applications in science (high energy physics, applied research), energy (nuclear fusion and fission), medical (particle therapy a.o.) and advanced technology industry.