Combined EBSD and EDS Analysis on SEM

Combined EBSD and EDS Analysis on SEM

This webinar took place on April 04th 2011

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Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) are common analytical methods used on the scanning electron microscope (SEM). EBSD provides structural and EDS compositional information. Due to tough requirements on hard- and software for combined analysis, both are mostly used separately or provide quite low acquisition rates. Recent developments in Bruker’s technology enable simultaneous EBSD and EDS analysis with speeds of several hundreds of patterns per second. So why not obtain structural and chemical information at the same time and gain maximum information on a sample?

This webinar will focus on two simultaneous measurement applications

  • EDS-based phase discrimination, important in cases where patterns of present phases are so similar that they are difficult to distinguish
  • Offline phase identification, useful for determining missing phases in the EBSD analysis setup


Our experts will explain requirements for successful simultaneous analysis and present numerous application examples from materials science. 

Who should attend?

  • Everyone managing or working in electron microscopy labs
  • Materials science lecturers and students
  • Persons interested in electron microscopy, materials science and testing in general