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Localization microscopy brings reductionism to a new level in biology – the ability to image and measure the structural and functional interactions between different molecules in a biological specimen.  The power of localization microscopy can be brought to bear on virtually any cellular model.  

Featured Applications

Super-resolution Imaging vutara
Vutara Infectious Disease

Chromosome Structure

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Developmental Biology

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Cell Biology and Cancer

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Featured Studies

Super-resolution Imaging vutara

Chromosome Structure

Visualizing in situ chromosome 3-D structure.

Biological System: Maternal and paternal homologs of in chromosome 19 of PGP1 cells

Color Scale: 14 step serial labelling using Alexa 647 oligonucleotides

Read about groundbreaking research involving in situ imaging of chromosome structure.

Maternal and paternal 450
Vutara Virology study image


dSTORM images reveal spatial relationships between viral gRNA and viral proteins

Biological System : hRSV

Green: Cy3B antisense Probe

Red: Alexa 647 F-protein

Alonas, E. et al., "Combining Single RNA Sensitive Probes with Subdiffraction-Limited and Live-Cell Imaging Enables the Characterization of Virus Dynamics in Cells." ACS Nano 8, no. 1 (2014): 302-15. doi:10.1021/nn405998v.


Decrease in alpha-actinin transverse fibers in cardiomyocytes from a heart failure model as indicated by arrows

Biological System : Canine Cardiomyocyte

Red: Alexa 647 alpha-actinin

Lichter, J. G. et al., “Remodeling of the sarcomeric cytoskeleton in cardiac ventricular myocytes during heart failure and after cardiac resynchronization therapy,” Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 72, (2014): 186-195. doi:10.1016/j.yjmcc.2014.03.012

Cardiology study Vutara v1

Developmental Biology - Thick Samples

Biological System : Whole mount Drosophila larva

Green: Alexa 488 Frizzled Receptor

Red: DyLight 649 Lamin C

Image courtesy of Dr. Sean Speese, OHSU

Neuroscience - Brain Slices

Spatial distribution of VMAT2 pre and post drug treatment in striatal cells.

Biological System : 30 µm Striatal Rat brain Slices

Green: Cy3B SNAP-25

Red: Alexa 647 Vesicular Monamine Transporter-2 (VMAT2)

Image Courtesy of Dr. Chris German, University of Utah

Neuroscience Study Vutara

Neuroscience -Neurons

Imaging the glutamate transporter vGlut and the scaffold protein Bassoon in presynaptic terminals of mouse hippocampal neurons.

Biological System : Primary Mouse Hippocampal Neurons

Green: Cy3B uGlut

Red: AF647 Bassoon

Image courtesy of Dr. Rob Hobson, Erik Jorgensen Lab, University of Utah

Neuroscience - C. Elegans

Synaptic labelling in the model organism c. elegans to study the relationship of the membrane bound calcium sensor synaptotagmin-1 and endosomes.

Biological System : C. Elegans

Green: synaptotagmin-1::SNAPf::TMRstar

Red: endosomal amrker::Halotag""SiRn

Image courtesy of Claire Lu, Dr. Rob Hobson, Erik Jorgensen Lab, University of Utah

Neuroscience developmental biology study Vutara
Oncology study Vutara


Biological System : HuH7-hepato cellular carcinoma cells

Green: CF568 ER-endoplasmic reticulum

Red: AF647 HUR (RNA binding protein that labels stress granules)

Courtesy of Alyson Hoffman, Nicchitta Lab, Duke University

Live Cell Imaging

Biological System: Mitochondria labelled with dense concentration of JF549® and a very sparse concentration of PA-JF646®.

Orange: JF549®

Streamlines: PA-JF646®.

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