AquaSpecTM Transmission Cell

AquaSpec Transmission Cell

The AquaSpecTM micro transmission cell is a flow-through cuvette for the measurement of aqueous protein sample.


Using the AquaSpecTM cell IR-spectroscopic measurements of water soluble proteins, solubilised membrane proteins and proteins immobilised on nano particles can be performed. It has a path length of approx. 7 µm that is optimized for the measurement of aqueous solutions. For the measurement the sample (ca. 10 µg protein) is filled into the cell via an injection port. The cell is cleaned afterwards by injection of the buffer solution. All parts that get into contact with the sample are made from bio compatible materials to avoid unspecific interactions with the protein. The AquaSpecTM cell combines a minimized sample volume, high pressure stability (> 30 bar) and an extreme path length precision. The windows of the cell are made of CaF2.

The AquaSpecTM cell is integral part of CONFOCHECK, a FTIR system that is specially designed for protein analysis. The CONFOCHECK is based on a high performance FTIR spectrometer that allows very fast acquisition (measurement time 30 sec) of protein spectra with excellent S/N (Signal/Noise). It is tightly sealed and includes a precise water bath that allows temperature control of the AquaSpecTM transmission cell therefore guaranteeing optimal measurement stability.

Using the AquaSpecTM transmission cell the highest sensitivity for the detection of conformational changes and the best accuracy in the protein concentration determination is achieved.


  • Determination of changes in protein structure
  • Protein concentration determination
  • Quality control of biopharmaceuticals
  • Secondary structure determination
  • Quantification of various substances in aqueous solutions

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