The BioATRCell II allows to follow temperature-induced conformational changes of solved and membrane-standing proteins between 0 - 95°C.

The BioATRCell II is a micro-ATR unit that was specially developed for the investigation of temperature-induced unfolding, refolding and denaturation processes of proteins in aqueous media. It can be applied for water solved and also for membrane-standing proteins. The number of internal reflections in the ATR crystal (silicon) is adjusted to result in an optimal protein signal in aqueous samples. The BioATRCell II is temperature-controlled by the same thermostat like the other accessories that are part of the CONFOCHECK system. With this unit temperature ramps from 0 to 95°C can be performed automatically to analyze the temperature-induced structural changes and the protein melting point.

The BioATRCell II can also be used in a flow-through manner i.e. for quality control studies of biopharmaceuticals. The required sample volume is about 10 µl. To investigate conformational changes in dependence of pH-changes, salt concentration or ligand binding, a special BioATRCell II with dialysis function is available. This unit allows to dialyze low molecular weight compounds into the protein sample without diluting the protein.


  • Automated temperature ramps (0-95°C):
    Analysis of temperature-induced conformational changes
    Measurement of phase transitions in lipids
  • Quality control of biopharmaceuticals
  • Membrane-standing proteins
  • Conformational changes induced by ligand-binding, pH-changes, salts

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