INVENIO S Touch Platinum ATR Model

The INVENIO will simplify your daily analytical tasks. The optional touch PC, the wireless connectivity features, the excellent spectroscopic performance, the revolutionary SoC-electronics and the long-life components are only a small part of what makes the INVENIO special.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Works better. Works smarter.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] The INVENIO's touchscreen PC (optional) provides an intuitive user interface and smart connectivity features. Measure in the lab, evaluate from your office – all without cables or manual data transfer. Predefined workflows minimize operator effort to a few interactions, while functionality is kept uncompromised.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Reliable. Efficient. Productive.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] From basic QC/QA to demanding research applications, no matter if you are utilizing a standard ATR unit, a special multi-angle reflection unit or an imaging microscope. You can count on a straightforward analysis and optimal measurement results.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Exceptionally intelligent.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] PermaSureTM always monitors device configuration and rapid self-testing to ensure proper functionality, while the PerformanceGuardTM ensures optimal instrument performance through continuous monitoring of all mechanical and electronic components.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Fully thought out.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Save a lot of time and always have two experimental setups ready with the TransitTM channel, an independent second sample compartment with a dedicated MIR DTGS detector.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Regulations and Compliance.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:]

  • Automated OQ and PQ
  • Global audit trail and smart archiving
  • Full compliance with GMP/GLP, JP, Ph.Eur and USP, including 21 CFR part 11
Advanced IR

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Easy extendability

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:]

  • FTIR imaging and microscopy (HYPERION)
  • High-throughput measurements (HTS-XT)
  • Protein analysis in Water (CONFOCHECK)
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] Embedded touch PC.

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:]

  • Predefined workflows for a rapid analysis
  • Perfectly suited for FTIR beginners
  • Unrestricted acces for FTIR experts
  • Enables wireless connectivity features

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:] The best software solution

[Bitte nach "Korean" übersetzen:]

  • OPUS is an all-in-one solution for vibrational spectroscopy
  • Intuitive interface and method creation tools
  • Vast spectral reference libraries
I N V E N I Ofeatures