External accessories, sources and detectors

The VERTEX 80/80v spectrometers are equipped with five beam exit ports and two beam input ports and offer the possibility to connect them, for example, to external laser and synchrotron light sources. Additionally the spectrometer optics can be readily upgraded with external measurement accessories, sources and detectors. This includes the following:

  • PMA 50 Polarization Modulation Accessory for VCD and PM-IRRAS
  • PL II Photoluminescence module
  • RAM II FT-Raman module and the RamanScope III FT-Raman microscope
  • TGA-FT-IR coupling
  • HYPERION series FTIR microscope
  • HYPERION 3000 FTIR imaging system
  • HTS-XT High Throughput Screening eXTension
  • IMAC Focal Plane Array macro imaging accessory
  • External sample compartment XSA, evacuable or purgeable
  • External vacuum tight UHV chamber adaptation
  • Vacuum PL/PT/PR measurement unit
  • Low temperature liquid He or cryogenic liquid free cryostats
  • Fiber optic coupling unit with MIR or NIR fiber probes for solids and liquids
  • Large integrating spheres
  • Auto sampler devices
  • External FIR Hg source
  • Unique wide range MIR-FIR detector
  • Solid State far IR / THz beamsplitter
  • External emission adapter
  • External high performance MIR source
  • External high performance VIS source
  • External vacuum 4-position detector chamber (for vacuum optics)
  • Bolometer adaptation for detection in the FIR range
  • Automatic beamsplitter exchange unit (BMS-c) (for vacuum optics)