OPUS BasePackage DataProcessing

OPUS Base Package: Data Processing

In some cases spectra preprocessing may be required before the desired information can be extracted by evaluation. Also for such scenarios OPUS offers a comprehen- sive tool box with powerful and easy to use processing functions.

  • Advanced ATR Correction: enables compatibility of ATR and transmittance spectra, regarding peak positions and intensities. Including a unique algorithm even allowing for the analysis of dark strongly absorbing samples with ATR crystals of low refractive index (e.g. ZnSe, diamond).
  • Powerful Spectrum Calculator: allowing for various mathematical operations on spectra and even on 3D spectra, with intuitive hand calculator design.
  • Interactive Subtraction: important tool to compensate e.g. for the spectral contribution of solvents, matrix materials, substrates etc. by comfortable interactive subtraction with adjustable scaling factor and result preview.
  • Customized Data Processing: add your favorite processing function to the measurement parameters such that it is automatically applied after each measurement. Conditional execution of user defined combinations of functions by powerful and utmost flexible OPUS macros.
  • Atmospheric Compensation: effectively suppresses the unwanted influence of atmospheric H2O and CO2 absorption.
  • Versatile Baseline Correction: scattering correction e.g. for tilted transmittance spectra of rough samples, rubber band and concave rubber band correction for spectra with twisted baseline. Both automatic and interactive execution with manual baseline point definition.
  • Wide Range of further Functions: normalization, derivative, conversion of spectral units and spectra types, merge spectral ranges, extrapolation, various Fourier transformation tools, Kramers-Kronig transformation and many more.
Interactive baseline correction with several predefined correction modesInteractive subtraction with result previewIntuitive spectrum calculator with drag & drop operation for arbitrary spectra calculations