OPUS Video3D 3DTimeResolution

OPUS/3D: Time Resolution

OPUS/3D is a modern and intuitive spectral imaging software package for comfortable 3D data processing, evaluation and visualization. For time resolved (TRS) spectral data e.g. measured with VERTEX series spectrometers via Rapid-Scan or Step-Scan technique, the OPUS/3D TRS post processing window provides powerful tools and functions.

OPUS/3D, time resolved step-scan measurement of infrared LEDOPUS/3D, time resolved step-scan measurement of infrared LED, alternative visualization via contour plot
  • Choice of different 2D and 3D Views for the display of time resolved spectral data with various options for color schemes, contour levels and plot modes.
  • Interactive and smooth Adjustment of angle of view and zoom.
  • Complete Spectra List Window with access to all individual spectra of the 3D file.
  • Separate Views for user-selected Spectra at individual times and for user selected time traces at individual spectral positions.
  • Application of all Evaluation and Processing Functions to the complete 3D file, including mathematical operations between different 3D files via spectrum calculator.



OPUS/3D, interleaved time resolved measurement
  • Application of various Functions to individual Spectra of the 3D File: library search, baseline correction, normalization, smooth etc..
  • Extraction of single Spectra Files from 3D Data and creation of 3D data from single files.
  • Advanced Extraction Functionality via included 3D plus view: sub 3D file, averaged or coadded spectra, differential absorption etc..
  • Export of 3D File to ASCII format.
  • High Quality Export of all Views to different graphical formats, clipboard or printer
OPUS/3D, example screenshot: also data depending on other parameters than time (here e.g. temperature) can be visualized