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Solutions Overview

Solutions that will Change the Way you Research

Easy CRO Management

Managing projects within an organization and across CROs is a challenge. Without centralized data it is even harder. A centralized request management system saves time and increases efficiency. read more

Centralize Research

To optimize project management, centralized data is critical. For companies using a hybrid system of paper and Excel, data access is a challenge. Centrally manage activity for a fast track to results. read more

Paperless Labs

Concerns exist about ELN implementations (costs, IT resources etc). A cloud-based system is efficient and paperless labs maximize productivity generating significant ROI. read more

Instant Deployment

A common concern about deploying an electronic lab notebook is the length of time it takes from signing a P/O to going live. Learn how to take only one day from purchase order to production. read more

Better Collaboration

Project managers need to orchestrate all internal and external partners efficiently. Using a centralized system expedites coordination of research programs in real time, increasing productivity. read more

Centralize Chemistry

Managing chemistry data across an enterprise is a challenge without a centralized management system. Manage workflows across synthetic, analytical, and process chemistry using Arxspan. read more

Time Savings

One of the biggest fears about adopting a new data management system is cost. Understand how to save money using an ELN versus an inefficient hybrid system of paper and Excel Spread Sheets. read more

Un-silo Your Data

When data is stored in silos it generates a barrier to insights and trends. Accessing centralized data from across ELN, Registry, Inventory and Assay systems empowers more informed decisions. read more

Centralize Biology

Biologists face complex workflows (in vitro, in vivo, screening, assay and DMPK data), making management of data challenging. Centrally manage research without losing legacy information. read more