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Advancing the FLEX series MALDI systems with proven power

Like all of our FLEX series MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF systems, the autoflex maX instruments are engineered to reliably provide high value data in daily operation. The application flexibility of autoflex maX is strengthened by its improved dynamic range, providing a more complete picture of diverse molecular species across a broad mass range.

The smartbeam™II laser is integral to MALDI instruments

At the heart of the autoflex maX our proprietary smartbeamTM II solid state laser. With up 2 kHz speed in MS mode and 200 Hz for M/MS, time sensitive analysis – such as would be needed for biopharmeutical integrity screening – can be made in minutes. The best-in-class ionization efficiency of the smartbeam laser minimizes sample consumption and maximizes quality data output from each target position, even for complex samples.  The ionization is gentle enough that tissue samples may be stained after analysis in MALDI MS Imaging workflows. Amenable to a host of MALDI matrices, the smartbeam laser offers a long lifetime of service for a wide range of applications.

Keeping focus across a broad mass and dynamic range

As with all of our MALDI-TOF systems, proprietary PAN™ panoramic focusing technology supports confident analyses of lipids, glycans, peptides and large proteins. The autoflex maX provides peak resolution up to 26,000, and its new 10 bit digitizer in combination with our FlashDetector™ means low ppm mass accuracy and amol sensitivity. This depth and breadth of analytical power critical to the QC of polymers, for example, where small details may be missed by other types of analyses.

Driven by intuitive softwares

A key component of the value and walk-up approachability of the autoflex maX is the Compass software suite, including flexControl for data acquisition and flexAnalysis data analysis. Whether user driven or automated, these softwares support the generation of quality data quickly and easily. Further, they work in combination with application specific software packages including Biopharma Compass for biopharmceuticals, PolyTools for polymers, and SCiLS for MALDI imaging.

Maintenance made easy

An analytical platform with this range of utility can become a workhorse in the lab, but ion source maintenance is made easy with the push button, laser based self-cleaning of the Perpetual™ Ion Source. In less than 15 minutes, the autoflex maX will be ready to resume its workload. Remote service capabilities with Bruker engineers support rapid troubleshooting as well as software and firmware updates on the spot.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.