FT/CW System

The basis for multifrequency and multiresonance FT-EPR

The E 580 is a highly versatile instrument that allows all pulse experiments of today and is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

PatternJet-II Channel
PatternJet-II Channel

The next generation, SpecJet-II and PatternJet-II, is now on the market to further enhance speed and precision of Pulse-EPR data acquisition. These new developments, combined with the flexibility, sensitivity and reliability of the FT/CW-EPR bridges and the Flexline resonators, make the ELEXSYS E580 an unsurpassed research instrument for the investigation of paramagnetic species in all disciplines of science.

  • FT-EPR and Electron Spin Echo techniques as the basic detectors for the EPR spectrum and electron spin relaxation times
  • ESEEM and 2D-HYSCORE to measure spin density distribution and distances through the hyperfine interaction between electron and nuclear spins
  • SECSY and EXSY to measure correlations and exchange rates
  • Pulse-ELDOR and DEER to measure long range distances by electron-electron spin dipolar coupling
  • Pulse-ENDOR to measure hyperfine interactions and nuclear spin relaxation
  • Laser triggered experiments to investigate chemical reactions and triplet states