High-Frequency/High-Field EPR and ENDOR at 94 GHz

ELEXSYS E600 and E680

The ELEXSYS family of EPR spectrometers now includes two W-band systems, the E600 and E680. The former is optimized for CW-EPR experiments at 94 GHz, while the E680 operates in both CW- and FT-mode. These high-class research instruments provide a maximum in performance and flexibility while still being easy to operate. Thus all of the advantages of high frequency EPR become readily accessible.

This setup provides an accurate final operating frequency - a must for all g-factor measurements. Flexibility in the system is assured by the modular architecture, allowing the system to be setup as a CW or a combined FT/CW instrument. System operation can be switched from CW to FT or even from W-Band to X-Band at the push of a button. The variable-temperature W-band TeraFlex probehead operates from 4 K to 300 K.
Samples can be exchanged at any temperature. High precision cavity matching, tuning and sample positioning mechanics facilitate high sample throughput with easy handling. For bridge and resonator tuning a 400-MHz wide tuning display is generated and detected on the IF. All these hardware features are complemented by the Xepr software with its easy-to-learn graphical user interface.

Main features

  • Precise microwave power setting over a 60 dB range in W-band
  • All FT-EPR relevant parameters such as pulse power, width and phase are set and monitored on the intermediate frequency (IF) at X-band
  • High spectral purity, and sensitivity, are achieved by the combination of a fixed frequency oscillator and a PLL circuit

Additional Features

  • The high magent field required for W-band operation requires a superconducting magnets, however not all superconducting magnets are sutiable for EPR. Thus the EPR 6T SC was developed with EPR spectroscopy in mind. more...
  • As high frequency EPR, in particular pulse EPR, has evolved so have the desires of the EPR spectroscopist. Depending on the pulse EPR experiment, certain advantages are available with more microwave power. For such situations, we offer two W-band bridge upgrades. more...
W-Band bridge
W-Band bridge
Microwave bridge tuning
Microwave bridge tuning