• No prior EPR experience needed
  • Video how-to guide 
  • Startup kit
  • Superior sensitivity and stability
  • Accurate results 
  • Ease to use software
  • Full workflow for measuring, analyzing and quantifying paramagnetic species
  • SpinCount: Concentration determination without reference sample
  • SpinFit: Spectrum simulation and fitting for isotropic and anisotropic data
  • Spectral library as input for simulation and fitting with SpinFit. Spin trap adducts included.
  • Compact foot print
  • Low cost of ownership

Technical Specifications

  • Operating frequency: X-Band
  • Microwave power: 100 mW
  • Concentration sensitivity: 50 pM
  • Field sweep range: 7000 G
  • Field homogeneity: 50 mG over sample volume
  • Field stability: 10 mG/h
  • Sweep resolution (field and time) 250.000 points
  • Reference standard: Integrated and motorized

How-to Video Guide: Getting the Most Out of Your EMXnano

Topics Covered:

  • Spectrometer set-up, data collection and analysis
  • Accessories: variable temperature unit, finger dewar, etc.
  • Quantification package: SpinFit and SpinCount
  • Available in multiple languages