A pulsed EPR microwave bridge operating at Q-band (34 GHz)

Expand for state-of-the-art multi-frequency experiments

SQFT X-BandSQFT Spectrum

Multi-frequency EPR is commonly understood in terms of its relation to CW-EPR spectroscopy. Bruker’s commercial Multi-frequency/Multi-resonance EPR covers both CW-EPR and FT-EPR as well as Pulsed ENDOR and Pulsed ELDOR at a multitude of microwave frequencies.

Introduced in 2002, the SuperQ-FT is a pulsed EPR microwave bridge operating at Q-band (34 GHz). Moreover, multi-frequency pulsed ENDOR and pulsed ELDOR are offered as upgrade accessories to the ELEXSYS E580 and E680 lines. Furthermore, multi-frequency Pulsed ELDOR can be exploited to gather information complementary to that obtained with Pulsed ENDOR.


The perfect match to the SuperQ-FT microwave bridge is the dedicated Q-Band resonator EN 5107D2 with premium pulse EPR and ENDOR capabilities.

Pulse Q-Band - with the QT-II and the 150 W TWT

The new large volume pulse resonator (QT-II) in combination with the 150 W TWT offers increased concentration and effect sensitivity as demonstrated in the DEER and the HYSCORE experiments.


  • More than enough B1 for 1H excitation at 50 MHz
  • More than 150 MHz bandwidth for detection


  • tELDOR = 12 ns @ 150 W
  • Factor 4 modulation depth enhancement vs 3 W
  • Factor 2 echo amplitude increase vs ER5107D2

Great Power with Great Sensitivity

2.2 nm DEER Standard