Dedicated Technology for a Wide Range of Applications

  • ER 4118x-x FlexLine Resonators: 
    The modular series for L-, S- and X-Band

  • ER 4116DM Dual Mode Resonator: 
    Separate allowed and forbitten transitions

  • ER 4103TM Cylindrical Mode Resonator: 
    For Aqueous and High-dielectric Samples

  • ER 4102ST Standard Resonator: 
    The universal X-Band resonator

  • ER 4105DR Double Rectangular Resonator: 
    Quantitative EPR and precise g-factor measurements

  • ER 4104OR Optical Transmission Resonator: 
    Correlate EPR and Optical Signals

  • ER 4117MX Mixing Cell Resonator: 
    Measure transient paramagnetic species
  • ER 4123D Dielectric Resonator:
    Dedicated to Spin Labels

  • EN 801 ENDOR Resonator:
    CW-ENDOR at X-Band

  • EN 4118X-MD-4 FlexLine Resonator: 
    The Pulsed ENDOR Resonator at X-Band

  • ER 4114HT High Temperature Resonator:
    CW-EPR at Extreme Temperatures

  • E 540R23  & E 540SC L-Band Resonators:
    In vivo EPR
  • ER 5106QT & ER 5106QT-E Q-Band Resonators:
    EPR and ENDOR at 34 GHz
  • EN 5107D2 Q-Band Pulse ENDOR Resonator: 
         The Pulsed ENDOR Resonator at Q-Band