Bruker ICON™

Bruker’s easy-to-use and cryogen-free high-performance compact MRI desktop system brings MRI within everyone’s reach.


  • Dedicated cryogen-free, permanent magnet bench-top MRIsystem for molecular and preclinical MRI
  • Affordable system for routine imaging and education
  • Low running costs
  • Easy siting
  • Easy animal handling and safe operation
  • Routine software package enables wide range of latestpreclinical MRI applications
  • Advanced digital RF architecture
  • Silent operation

With its innovative cryogen-free, permanent magnet MRI design provided by Aspect Imaging and high performance AVANCE™ III spectrometer technology with industry-leading MRI software ParaVision® from Bruker, ICON delivers fast spectrometer performance at an attractive price.

The new ICON™ is an easy-to-use 1 Tesla desktop MRI scanner for small rodents like rats and mice. It combines simplicity with compact dimensions and brings magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) within everyone’s reach. 


  • Cancer research
  • Whole Body Anatomy
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Neurological Disease
  • Molecular and multi-modality imaging