Rat Array MRI CryoProbe

Advanced MRI coil technology delivers highest sensitivity in rat brain in vivo imaging

The rat array MRI CryoProbe™ for in vivo neuroimaging delivers unparalleled access to rat brain microstructure and biochemistry, previously unresolvable in in vivo imaging of the rat. Thanks to very low temperature, closed-cycle cooled RF coils and preamplifiers, this unique MRI CryoProbe delivers an increase in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to a factor of 2.4 over equivalent room-teperature RF-coils. The sensitivity increase allows researchers to reduce imaging times by a factor of 5, or to increase spatial resolution.


  • Up to 2.4 factor increase in SNR
  • Factor 5 reduction in imaging times
  • Seamless integration with ParaVision® 6
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • Automatic tuning and matching
  • Available at 400 MHz (9.4 T)