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Contour LS-K Optical Surface Profiler

High-Speed Metrology without Compromise

Bruker’s new Contour LS-K 3D Optical Profiler utilizes LightSpeed™ focus variation technology to uniquely enable both high-resolution images and quantifiable data. The system rapidly captures surface data with a large field of view (FOV) at vertical scanning speeds up to 5 millimeters per second. Data-rich images are displayed in high-resolution and in real color within seconds.

From the first patents issued for Wyko® white light interferometry over 30 years ago to the very latest innovations in optical profiling, Bruker technology has a worldwide reputation as the gold standard in surface metrology performance. Contour LS-K capitalizes on this rich heritage to provide easy access to raw measurement data, allowing the operator to see exactly what is on the surface without filtering or data modification.

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Contour LS-K Focus Variation

Higher Throughput with High-Quality Data Acquisition

The Contour LS-K 3D optical profiler performs vertical scans at ≤5 mm/sec, producing real-color images in real time. Its industry-leading 6 mm (2.5X objective) field of view covers wider area, and multiple images can be automatically stitched together for even larger areas. It delivers raw data output surface detail without filtering, and data quality maps allow deeper understanding of true surface profiles without measurement artifacts.


Contour LS K Ring Light
Countour LS K Operator 450

Complete Analysis Capabilities with Superior Ease of Use

Built on 30 years of analyses, Vision64® software provides all the necessary analysis capabilities, including several patented modes. The most commonly used modes are included on the start-up screen for one-click analyses. The easy-to-use intensity map enables the ideal balance between high-brightness coaxial and ring-illumination sources.

Unmatched Measurement Capabilities with Production-Ready Automation

The Contour LS-K's proprietary optical design and system features provide easy characterization of challenging materials and applications, such as high slopes and large areas. Innovative scan assist tools automate lighting, speed, and sensitivity settings to achieve best-quality images at first capture. And complete stitching, automation, and Technician and Operator modes enable high-volume production metrology.

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