Considering Confocal Microscopy - Why Compromise?

Bruker 3D optical microscopes provide gage-capable metrology without limitations.

Based on the fundamental science behind 3D optical microscopes (white light interferometry), these systems deliver higher resolution images and surface measurements over a wider range of sample types and applications. Contact us for more information.

Find out more details in our applications note - Comparing 3D Optical Microscopy Techniques for Metrology Applications.

Best Vertical Resolution at Any Magnification

Bruker 3D optical microscopes utilize closed-loop scanning in the Z-axis to provide subnanometer vertical resolution and 0.01 nanometer RMS repeatability. This gives you reliable, repeatable data within the field of view most applicable to your specific application. Bruker 3D optical microscopes maintain this high resolution regardless of the magnification or field of view. Confocal microscopes do not provide comparable resolution unless running at 50x magnification and higher which limits your field of view. Read more about these differences in our applications note.

Notice the confocal image loss of quality at the lower magnification.

Largest Field of View

3D optical microscopes capture complete datasets with fields of view dependent upon the objective selected, allowing for lower magnification and larger fields of view. With Bruker's proprietary AcuityXR™ technology you can even achieve high lateral resolution (breaking diffraction limits) at these lower magnifications. Moreover, Bruker's automated stage options enable much larger areas of interest to be imaged and stitched into a single, high-resolution dataset.

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Uncompromising Metrology for Challenging Surfaces

Bruker's 3D optical microscopes deliver the low noise, high speed, accuracy, and precision required for the most demanding metrology over the broadest range of surfaces. Whether you need to measure smooth, rough, non-reflective, reflective, flat or steep slopes, Bruker technology excels at the job. Contact our applications team to learn how 3D optical microscopes can help solve your surface characterization needs. 

Excellent Imaging

Bruker's Vision64™ software translates the high-resolution data into meaningful images that help engineers make sound decisions. With thousands of customized analyses and a intuitive user interface, Bruker's 3D optical microscope solutions make it easy to optimize productivity in the lab and on the factory floor. 

Contact us and send us a sample or two and see what we can do for you.