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Precision Manufacturing of Tools and Metal Parts

Drill tip surface750x750

Changes in surface texture and dimensions can radically impact a tool’s function and longevity. For example, quality control over surface finish and cutting angles is critical to blade performance in every application, from medical incisions to getting a clean shave. NPFLEX rapidly and accurately measures both of these parameters, and can provide critical information on directionality and frequency of machining marks, locate and quantify defects, and generate hundreds of parameters that are difficult or impossible to obtain using two-dimensional techniques. 

Oil Transportation and Refining

Corrosion pitting depth750x750

Corrosion costs the oil industry nearly $8 billion annually. The fast and accurate metrology of the NPFLEX enables engineers to clearly document and trace changes over time in oil transportation and refining infrastructure, as well as characterize the influence of additives and other prevention techniques. Its large field-of-view, high resolution, and highly accurate vertical scale data permits 3D analysis of hundreds of surface corrosion parameters, including volume of material lost over time, ratios of peaks to valleys, and directionality of corrosion.

Automotive and Aerospace


Understanding wear and its underlying causes is critical to the manufacture and maintenance of automotive and aerospace parts. Tighter specifications for manufactured parts demand a robust, gage-capable metrology solution that can quantitatively measure wear, surface roughness, lead angles, and more to meet industry tolerances and the high demands of today’s manufacturing environment. The NPFLEX 3D optical profiler addresses these issues, and gives engineers the ability to better understand wear and correlate it to particular manufacturing processes and/or wear mechanisms.

Medical Devices and Implants

Implant material before and after wear750x750

Orthopedic implants and other medical devices are precisely manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure functionality and longevity after fitting or surgical implantation. The NPFLEX provides a flexible, highly accurate measurement tool for the precise surface metrology needed across the entire orthopedic implant and medical device manufacturing production cycle. It provides data-rich, three-dimensional images, superior resolution, and repeatability beyond what is possible with contact instrumentation, all of which ultimately provides much greater insight into medical part performance and functionality.