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Brochures & Datasheets

NPFLEX 3D Surface Metrology System - Brochure 1.7MB
Bruker’s NPFLEX™ 3D Surface Metrology System brings unprecedented surface measurement capability and performance to precision manufacturing industries, enabling faster ramp-up times, improved product quality, and increased productivity.

NPFLEX Objectives Chart Datasheet 160kB
Imaging specifications for Bruker’s NPFLEX Turret Mountable Standard Objective Series and Non-Turret Mountable Objectives, which include extra-long-working-distance (XLWD), through-transmissive media (TTM), and low-magnification objectives.

Case Studies

Drill Bit Characterization with NPFlex 3D Optical Microscope 1.9MB
An industry-leading hand and electric tool company is utilizing Bruker’s NPFLEX™ 3D Optical Microscope for R&D and product quality control in their drill bit manufacturing. It is known within the industry that there is a correlation between the surface roughness of critical tool surfaces and a tool’s ultimate function. The difficulty for this company was finding a solution that could easily, quantitatively, and repeatably measure the surface roughness.

Application Notes

• Advantages of Measuring Surface Roughness with White Light Interferometry - AN575 3.6 MB
This application note discusses the use of mean roughness measurements with white light interferometry (WLI) optical profilers. Spatial filters are explained, as well as some of the normative standards requirements from ASME B46.1-2009, ISO 13565-1 and JIS B 0671-1.3 Main technical reasons for WLI selection are covered as well as the advantages and areas of applicability of the full areal measurement standard from ISO 25178-2.

• Characterization of CMP Processes with White Light Interferometry  4.1 MB
This application note describes the measurement and analysis advantages that white light interferometry (WLI) offers for the various CMP components. It also details an improvement study that investigated asperity behavior of the fluid layer under the wafer during the CMP process and revealed the effects of polishing and conditioning on the pads, as well as wafer polish results.

Bruker 3D Optical Corrosion Monitoring (AN556) 2.1 MB
Corrosion in the oil transport and refining industry degrades infrastructure and materials at a cost approaching $8 billion annually. High quality images and accurate metrology enable workers to clearly document and trace changes over time in infrastructure, as well as to enable effective characterization of the influence of additives and other prevention techniques. Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes provide excellent large field-of-view images at high resolution, as well as highly accurate vertical scale information for the characterization of damaging corrosion.

3D Optical Microscopy for Orthopedic Implants 1.9 MB
This application note discusses Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes' roll in both the research and development and quality control stages of orthopedic implants manufacturing.

Characterizing Wear with 3D Optical Profiling 1.2 MB
This application note reviews several examples where 3D surface measurements helped to understand wear mechanics of industrial components.

Characterizing Surface Quality - Why Average Roughness is not Enough 6.3 MB
In this application note we explore how 3D parameters can be employed to provide great insight into surface finish and performance.


3D Optical Microscopy 548kB
Novus Light Technologies Today, January 2013 Article discussing the measurement of surface topography using 3D optical microscopes in a variety of industries.