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Highest Productivity for Any User

  • Proprietary ScanAsyst imaging enables instant expert results
  • High-resolution, 5MP camera and integrated stage control provide fast sample navigation and efficient multi-site measurments
  • Linear workflow and seamless transition from survey to highest resolution delivers accurate results in a short time

Best Value Closed-Loop Dimension AFM

  • Proprietary sensor design achieves closed-loop accuracy with open-loop noise levels
  • Significantly reduced noise and drift values bring small-sample imaging performance to a large-sample AFM
  • Modular microscope and electronics design enable high image fidelity at moderate cost

Solutions for All Applications on Any Sample

  • Open stage access accommodates wide variety of experiments and samples
  • New instrument design and software take full advantage of Bruker's full suite of AFM modes, including advanced electrical and electrochemical applications
  • Built-in access to signal routing enables custom measurements to take research in new directions
Dimension Edge System