HPI Slider

An Advanced AFM Designed Specifically for Production Environments

The Dimension HPI system utilizes an open-access platform, large– or multiple-sample holders, and numerous ease-of-use features to provide the most flexible high performance nanoscale metrology solution for industrial QA, QC, and FA applications. HPI features:

  • Automated 2-inch to 12-inch wafer measurements for semi, data storage and HB-LED
  • A reliable, proven platform specifically designed for use in industrial environments
  • Microscope provides increased XY sample travel for full access to 200mm wafers or multiple samples in 200-mm diameter area (Optional Chucks for 300-mm wafers)
  • High-throughput 5-10x FastScan scanner for topography, roughness and other metrology analyses
  • Icon scanner with 90µm scan range for larger scans and high accuracy topography performance
  • Optical and AFM image pattern recognition with tip-centering to achieve nanometer alignment

Automation Software with Exceptional Ease of Use and Highest Performance Capability

New AutoMET™ full-recipe software delivers fast, automated metrology, simple operation, and AFM adaptability for easy capture of critical-to-quality measurements needed in production.

  • Automated measurements  on multiple samples or a single large sample for nanoscale characterization across multiple locations
  • Optical and AFM image pattern recognition, tip-centering, full wafer or grid mapping support, and image-placement accuracy within tens of nanometers
  • Comprehensive yet simple recipe writing for the advanced user or engineer available for real-time and offline use
  • Easy setup to align sample to probe and alignment corrections to AFM environment