Innova cover

Optimized for Performance

All aspects of the Innova electromechanical design have been optimized, from the rigid microscope stage with a short mechanical loop and low thermal drift to the ultra-low noise electronics. The result is a unique combination of high-resolution performance and closed-loop positioning. Innova uses Bruker’s proprietary ultra-low noise digital closed-loop scan linearization for accurate measurements in all dimensions, regardless of size, offset, speed, or rotation in air and liquid.

High-Resolution System

  • Utilizes an innovative design optimized for lowest closed-loop noise and drift
  • Ensures accurate measurements at all scales and in all dimensions
  • Delivers highest resolution results with great ease

Fast Setup for Every Experiment

  • Provide fastest hardware setup via ergonomic open stage and premounted cantilever option
  • Ensures fast and precise region of interest identification with software-controlled high-NA optics
  • Distills decades of AFM expertise into preconfigured software settings
  • Enables seamless operation from survey to atomic resolution

Powerful Research Flexibility

  • Addresses all advanced measurements with full range of SPM modes
  • Customizes research with configurable signal access and physical access to tip-sample junction
  • Offers nano-optics with TERS-enabled AFM-Raman integration
The experiment selector completely preconfigures the system for a wide range of selectable experiments. The sophistication of the predefined experiments offers beginners a fast path to expert results, while at the
same time advanced users can define and