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nanoIR Applications Overview

Bruker's Anasys Instruments is the world leader in nanoscale IR and sub-micron IR spectroscopy. We deliver innovative products and solutions that measure spatially varying physical and chemical properties with nanoscale spatial resolution in a diverse range of fields, including polymers, 2D materials, materials science, life sciences and micro-electronics.

Our goal is to provide productive solutions that help researchers clear the path to their next discovery and help industrial companies to solve critical process problems.

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Polymeric Films, Monolayers and Blends

Bruker's Anasys nanoIR Systems Deliver True, Model Free Nanoscale FTIR Spectra for Polymers

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2D Materials and Nanophotonics

Unique Capabilities to Characterize the Nanoscale Optical, Chemical and Material Properties of Novel 2D and Quantum Materials

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Semiconductor Failure Analysis

A Complete Nanoscale FTIR, Nanoscale Chemical Imaging and Materials Characterization Platform

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Life Sciences

Nanoscale FTIR Spectroscopy for a broad range of biological materials.

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Mechanical Property Mapping

Nanomechanical Contact Resonance Spectra That Can Be Used to Differentiate Materials Based on their Viscoelastic Properties

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Nanoscale Thermal Analysis

Nano thermal analysis (nanoTA), pioneered by Anasys Instruments, integrates with your AFM.