SPR 32

Setting a New Standard in High-throughput SPR Analysis

Innovative technologies and novel components are combined in the Sierra SPR-32 system creating a platform that provides industry-leading performance and high-throughput SPR analysis across a wide range of molecules and applications.

Imagine the Real-time, Label-Free Possibilities

Key system features enable flexible instrument operation and robust assay development while maintaining system performance, throughput and detection sensitivity.

  • 32 individually addressable detection spots – 8 flow cells with 4 spots to analyze more targets and controls per injection
  • Continuous flow Hydrodynamic Isolation™ microfluidics – rapid transitions between solutions for accurate kinetics in a variety of sample matrices
  • Individual needle control – process 1-8 samples per injection
  • Four buffer analysis – flexible buffer configuration saves time and samples
  • User-friendly software – high-throughput SPR data collection and analysis using intuitive software

Breakthrough SPR Detection for Sensitivity

The SPR+ detector derives its sensitivity from combining imaging SPR (SPRi) with a high intensity laser light source and high-speed optical scanning. This arrangement supports extremely sensitive imaging of relatively large two-dimensional sensor arrays, while the intensity of the light source permits the use of a high-speed camera, which in turn collects more resonance measurements per scan. The net result is a signal-to-noise ratio of 0.02 RU (RMS) and improved accuracy when measuring small response changes, which are frequently observed for fragment or small molecule binding experiments.

SPR detection
SPR+ detector configuration (click to enlarge)

Automated High-throughput Sample Analysis

With 32 detection spots available during each analysis cycle, several user- defined configurations are possible to maximize high-throughput SPR analysis: 31 control- subtracted injections, up to 3 in-line controls, or 4 targets per channel, just to cite a few.  The autosampler is compatible with a wide range of 96- and 384-well microtiter plates and the dual-plate sample deck with common rack position allows for increased unattended operation. When equipped with an optional plate handling robot, the instrument can function in high-throughput mode and can analyze over 3,000 samples per day resulting in more than 10,000 control-subtracted interactions.

31 targets 1 control
High-throughput SPR Analysis with 31 targets and 1 control surface (click to enlarge)

Mix-n-Match Buffers during Sample Analysis

Four syringe buffer pump
Four syringe buffer pump
(click to enlarge)

The four syringe continuous flow buffer is not only powerful during assay development and optimization, but also useful for high-throughput SPR analysis under different conditions, such as pH, salt, detergent or solvent concentration. Each syringe supplies buffer to two (or more) channels. Simultaneous multi-buffer analysis saves time and reagents  while increasing information throughput.

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