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Based on the know-how of many decades Bruker offers innovative solutions for rapid and precise CS/ONH elemental analysis.

CS Analyzers

The G4 ICARUS combustion analyzers are ideal for rapid and precise, simultaneous determination of carbon and sulfur in a large variety of solid materials. The G4 ICARUS analyzer with high frequency induction furnace combines an innovative combustion zone design with a unique, fully automatic cleaning system with vacuum-free dust removal. This results in a significantly reduced maintenance, thus maximizing productivity, applicability and component lifetime.

ONH Analyzers

The G8 GALILEO ONH for the determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen is based on the inert gas fusion method (IGF). The solid sample is fused in a graphite crucible at high temperatures in a carrier gas flow and the evolved gases are transported through the detectors. Diffusible hydrogen, e.g. in welds according to ISO 3690 and AWS4 4.3 as well as in high strength steels, either are measured combining an infrared heated furnace to the G8 GALILEO ONH or with the specialized diffusible hydrogen analyzer G4 PHOENIX DH.

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