Nickel and High Temperature alloys

Nickel alloys are used when very good high- and low-temperature corrosion resistance and strength are needed. Typical applications are lining and cladding of flue gas systems and washers, chemical and petrochemical process vessels, and turbine parts. The aerospace and military industries are important users of nickel alloys.  Turbine blades are frequently made out of nickel alloys.  Modern handheld XRF analyzers containing an SDD have the selectivity to allow the analysis of super alloys made up of nickel, tantalum and hafnium. 

Cobalt alloys are the ultimate in hard and tough alloys. They are used as cutting tools, hot forming tools and in high performance valves. Cobalt alloys have very good strength, corrosion and wear resistance even at very high temperatures. Please contact our experts to understand how handheld XRF can work for your application.