Regulatory Compliance with Handheld XRF

Alloy testing for alloy grade verification is essential in many industries for a variety of reasons ranging from safety concerns to product longevity to regulatory compliance. Among the various industries where the composition of alloys and a match between alloy chemistry and specification is at the core of running a profitable, reputable business, you will find a variety of regulatory recommendations and requirements. These regulatory requirements are intended to help businesses establish programs and methods that are in line with industry best practice, and to protect workers and consumers. Talk to us about out how the Bruker handheld XRF can help you maintain compliance in your industry!

Handheld XRF alloy analyzers are recommended as regulatory compliance tools in every industry where alloy grade verification or PMI is required. Below is a list of industries where handheld XRF is commonly used, and their respective regulations which can be met in whole or in part with handheld XRF testing:  [Insert Image]

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and the regulations requiring analysis, identification, verification, and validation of alloys in various industries are very many. For this reason, tens of thousands of businesses worldwide depend on robust tools that identify alloys by grade quickly, easily, and accurately. Contact us to discuss your specific needs!

The Bruker S1 TITAN Alloy Tester for Regulatory Compliance

In-process alloy verification

Not only does the Bruker S1 TITAN provide the grade identification of most alloys within 2-5 seconds (Light Element alloys containing Mg, Al, and Si take little longer), it also provides complete quantitative alloy chemistry. The TITAN is state-of-the-art in handheld alloy testing and analysis, boasting a silicon drift detector (SDD) for industry leading speed and unparalleled limits of detection. The S1 TITAN provides near laboratory-quality alloy chemistry in a lightweight package, weighing a total of 3.17 pounds. Contact our knowledgeable sales and applications team today to schedule a free demonstration of the Bruker S1 TITAN at your worksite or a price quote.