Alloy Analysis by Handheld XRF

In industries where metals identification is important – from Aero-space testing to scrap sorting to welding – alloy analysis using a handheld XRF analyzer has become standard practice. Handheld XRF alloy analyzers provide an easy-to-use, rapid, and nondestructive analysis of any metal in your Positive Material Identification (PMI) program. Please contact our experts to understand how handheld XRF can help you.

XRF guns of today

Today’s XRF guns, based on advanced Silicon Drift Detectors, have capabilities unavailable a few years ago.   The guns identify most alloys in a few seconds and complete chemical analysis in less than five seconds (not including light metal alloys).

Bruker has long been the industry leader in XRF, now driving the innovation in handheld XRF Spectrometers. Contact us for more information about choosing the right instrument for your needs.

Alloy families commonly identified by XRF analyzers

You can use this new generation of analyzers for quick and easy differentiation of alloy families and to provide alloy identification for all classes of metals including: