Manual Gold Testers

If your business involves buying, selling, or processing gold, you need fast and accurate gold testing tools in order to run an efficient and profitable operation. Every small fraction of an ounce of gold is worth a lot of money, and gold testers can make sure that you get every penny out of every gold transaction, as well as make sure that you satisfy customers and maintain a clean inventory. For the ultimate in fast and highly accurate nondestructive gold testers, contact our experts.


Gold testers from Bruker offer many advantages for any gold business. Whether you run a gold recycling business, a gold refinery, or a business that manufactures jewelry or components out of gold alloys, your business will benefit in multiple ways with the introduction of a state-of-the-art Bruker gold tester, including:

  • Analysis of gold content and complete alloy chemistry results in under 5 seconds
  • Completely non-destructive analysis, so even finished products can be analyzed
  • Handheld, light gold testers allow you to bring the proverbial lab to the sample, saving time
  • All results are stored for maximum traceability and chain of custody
  • Testing of any size samples, from small gold pins to large gold bars
  • Accuracy of Bruker gold testers rivals the accuracy of the most sophisticated lab gold testing methods

Whatever your specific needs may be, the gold testing experts at Bruker are available to answer your questions and find solutions specific to your business. Contact us today.

S1 TITAN, gold jewelry tester

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