Lab process automation, X-ray diffraction

Lab and Process Automation

BRUKER AXS has set the standard with the development of far superior analytical X-ray tools for quality and process control as well as for research and development based on X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence analysis.

Effective optimization of industrial processes and product quality requires the seamless integration of analyzers into the production line.

BRUKER AXS instruments are dedicated to run in an automation environment, no matter if lab automation or total process automation solutions are the goal. The powerful automation solutions are achieving highest sample throughputs with best accuracy. The operation is easy and was developed for non technical staff. Lab automation solutions contain automatic sample preparation, sample transport, XRD and XRF equipment, evaluation, data handling and the interface to the LIMS system or plant control centre.

BRUKER AXS automation solutions are best suited to meet requirements for process control in mining, industrial minerals, cement, metal production. As well for semiconductor production with automatic wafer handling driving the processes in the most cost effective way, shorten response times and increasing therefore the process efficiency.

Automation solutions in research and development maximize the efficiency of BRUKER AXS analytical X-ray tools meeting future requirements. Assisting scientist in drug discovery and development significant benefits are available with high throughput screening and automated protein crystallization for life science applications.