PHOTON II detector, CPAD, single crystal X-ray diffraction
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PHOTON II: The Future of Detection is Now

Every photon diffracted from your sample provides a quantum of information that describes the crystal’s unique structure. Thus, the ideal detector must faithfully record each and every photon in order to preserve this precious information.

The new PHOTON II detector comes very close to this ideal, with speed, sensitivity, and accuracy superior to any other detector available in the home laboratory. By exploiting cutting-edge CPAD technology, the PHOTON II preserves each precious quantum of data to deliver a superior structure in less time.

The PHOTON II detector is available in our D8 QUEST ECO & D8 QUEST or as an in-field upgrade for existing instruments.

  • Largest monolithic active area of up to 10 × 14 cm2
  • Quantum-limited sensitivity
  • Highest frame rate of any home laboratory detector
  • Eliminates the charge sharing noise that plagues current Hybrid Pixel Array Detectors (HPADs).
  • Excellent sensitivity over a wide energy range (Cu Kα to In Kα radiation)
  • No parallax, i.e. even at high incident angle, diffraction spots retain their true shape
  • Dead-time free shutterless data collection

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PHOTON II sensor
PHOTON II sensor