LYNXEYE-XE, X-ray diffraction, 1D Detector

Energy-Dispersive 1-D Detector

Bruker's new energy-dispersive one-dimensional detector represents the most significant detector development in the past years resulting in a paradigm change in laboratory X-ray diffraction: Thanks to its unparalleled filtering of fluorescence and K-beta radiation, the LYNXEYE XE detector overcomes the intensity losses and absorption edges associated with secondary monochromators and metal filters.

The LYNXEYE XE therefore provides an enormous advantage in terms of intensity, peak-to-background-ratio, lower limits of detection, and accurate profile fitting.

As a result of the new LYNXEYE XE technology, both secondary monochromators and metal filters will become obsolete in laboratory X-ray diffraction within only a few years from now.

For more information please download our LYNXEYE XE Flyer.