DQUANT Software

Quantitative phase analysis for routine applications and process control

DIFFRAC.DQUANT is the BRUKER software for quantitative phase analysis from X-ray diffraction data. It uses one or more diffraction peaks instead of the entire diffraction pattern to establish calibrations from standard reference samples.


DQUANT is a complete package that covers calibration models, data correction and evaluation routines. It is fully integrated in the DIFFRAC.SUITE software package for measurement and data evaluation.

DQUANT Advantages

  • Accurate and precise through calibration against known reference materials
  • No systematic errors caused by micro-absorption effects
  • Simple to use with virtually no operator training required
  • High flexibility of analytical methods via definition of modules and built-in formula editor (e.g. used for absorption correction of filters as requested by NIOSH 7500)
  • Fast (no full scans needed, just individual peaks)
  • Supports high sample throughput (automation, sample changers, automated data evaluation)
  • Direct combination with Ca XRF analysis
  • Delivers absolute (from μg to g) and relative concentrations (wt-%)

DQUANT is part of the DIFFRAC.SUITE Part 11 package. The software fully complies with the cGxP/21 CFR Part 11 requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.