S8 DRAGON, high-speed elemental analysis, process control, metal production

Steel, copper, aluminum

The S8 DRAGON comes ready to analyze and is optimized for the analysis of ferrous or non-ferrous materials. Individual calibrations, based on one´s own factory samples, are accomplished easily. Even faced with varying conditions the instrument assures best results – simple and straight forward. In both ways, starting in a daily routine, it works quickly, easily, and smoothly.

Precision On Top

Precision is not only a matter of quality. It is also a matter of price. By maxing out the potential of the S8 DRAGON, we guarantee the highest sensitivity for each element, but also cost benefits through exact measurements and adhering to strict heavy element limitations.

Nickel for example, a basic but expensive component of stainless steel, is used to control the steel’s strength and corrosion resistance: The goal is to exactly match the standardized dosage of the element to stay within the limits and keep the costs of the steel low. Furthermore, the analysis of hazardous elements, such as lead or cadmium, also calls for precise trace analysis, ensuring the compliance of the alloy regulations such as RoHS/WEEE.

Process Control in Metals by XRF

The elemental composition of raw materials varies. To meet the standards and the customer’s needs, the uniformity of the produced metal alloys has to be ensured. Here the S8 DRAGON proves to be the best choice in terms of accurate results from the very beginning.

The S8 DRAGON covers a broad range of alloy compositions and delivers accurate results no matter what the concentration. Its highly sensitive element channels cope with a dynamic range from very low traces to elements with high concentrations up to 100%.

Maximum speed – Time always matters

Most especially, the production process of metal is time and energy consuming. Therefore, measurement speed is a crucial issue. With the S8 DRAGON, time delay is minimized: It offers a fast approval of the cast sample or immediate results to calculate the exact tonnage to be added.