SMART-QUANT FP Standardless Analysis

The New Standard for Standardless Analysis

SMART-QUANT FP is offered as fully integrated component of the S2 PUMA’s instrument software package SPECTRA.ELEMENTS, delivering reliable elemental data from fluorine to americium (F – Am) and can be applied to solid, fused, pressed, powdered or liquid material without the need for laborious calibrations. SMART-QUANT FP uses fundamental parameters to calculate element concentrations.

The software allows a wide range of customizations with regards to sample definition, measurement specifications, analysis scheduling, and result presentation. Nevertheless, SMART-QUANT FP is set up in a “one fits all” standard configuration to let you start measurements immediately without lengthy adjustments. Simply start a measurement by placing your sample into the spectrometer, enter a sample name and start the analysis. That’s it. After a few minutes the analysis results get displayed. SMART-QUANT FP is ideal for quick analytical tasks, measurements of completely unknown samples, well as small-spot analyses.

User Benefits

  • Push-button solution for quick and reliable analysis of unknown samples
  • Adjustable standardless solutions to fit all applications’ needs
  • Powerful FP machine with optional empirical background for full operator flexibility
  • Intelligent algorithm with peak identification
  • Element ID for fast evaluations
  • Evaluation Plug-In to get the most out of your analysis
  • Advanced peak overlap correction
  • All solutions can be drifted with one global correction
  • Extended evaluation options for advanced user flexibility
Smart elements
Getting results on elemental composition has never been so easy – just follow the few self-explanatory steps on the TouchControl™ screen and SMART-QUANT FP does the rest
S2 PUMA Carousel bulk sample 850x850
Analyze irregular samples of any shape in the largest sample chamber on the market – thanks to S2 PUMA Carousel with SMART-QUANT FP