What you will discover

New state-of-the-art digital components in EPR spectrometers have dramatic impact on the way spectra are acquired, the scope of experiments possible, and the quality of the signals acquired.  In CW EPR, the digital performance of the signal channel and field controller directly determines both parameter selection and experiment time to provide the highest quality EPR spectrum with the highest information content. Traditionally for high signal amplitude resolution and/or high magnetic field resolution, it was necessary to increase the total acquisition time of the spectrum by increasing conversion times or recording spectrum piecewise.

Advances in current technology remove these limits while simultaneously allowing more information content to be acquired. In FT EPR, the digital performance of the pulse programmer and transient signal average have determined the limits of information possible from pulse EPR experiments and the experimental methodologies used for experiment execution. Hardware characteristics have traditionally resulted in longer than necessary acquisition times that require compromises in spectral information and signal sensitivity. Recent advances offer significant decreases in acquisition time and provide alternative methods for FT EPR spectrum acquisition.

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