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Sept 4, 2018

Advanced Data Mining in Micro-XRF
Bruker’s M4 TORNADO comes with a software which complements Micro-XRF’s versatility. The position tagged spectroscopy (Hypermap) allows for saving the individual spectra for each scanned pixel enabling advanced post-processing. In this webinar we will focus on 3 examples on how to get data out of a Hypermap data cube using different software features: Quantification of quasi homogeneous phases, maximum pixel spectrum for identifying hot spots and searching for traces within these hot spot phases, and advanced use of line scan data. Fields of applications will be steel analysis and geological applications.
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Aug 22, 2018

Practical RoHS Compliance Screening with Micro-XRF
Micro-XRF technique is widely used to monitor various critical elements within a production process or incoming material inspection. The one key XRF application is to verify the compliance of electrical products and other consumer products with regulations such as EU RoHS 2 directive, CPSIA, and others. This webinar provides an overview of how Micro-XRF can help to ensure regulatory compliance and how the level of sample preparation impacts data quality and measurement precision.
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Jan 18, 2018

TXRF Analysis of Cell Culture Media and Medical Microsamples - Saving Time, Money & Lives
This one-hour webinar will demonstrate the use of Total reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) spectroscopy in biopharmaceutical production, clinical testing and academic research. It will highlight the ease-of-use and suitability for routine monitoring and research investigations.
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Nov 30, 2017

Mining for Money! (An XRF Webinar)
Join Kai Behrens, Head of XRF Product Line Management, in this 1-hour educational webinar to learn the principles of WDXRF instrumentation with a focus on mining applications. See how WDXRF compares to other analytical techniques and how it supports cost-efficient mining operations. Methods for quality and process control will be demonstrated through real-life examples.
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Nov 9, 2017

The M6 JETSTREAM: State of the Art
Over the last years spatially resolved X-ray fluorescence analysis has matured into a technique which more and more supports the work of researchers in the field of art and conservation. Bruker’s M6 JETSTREAM combines high spatial resolution with state-of-the-art technology and a powerful set of analytical tools for qualitative data evaluation. In this Webinar, we will focus on the different tools built into the software which empower the user to approach data evaluations in multiple ways.
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Sep 21, 2017
4 - 5 PM (JST)

Check it out! WDX and EDX data comparison & Introduction of the new WDX S8 TIGER Series 2
従来のプロセス管理には据置型装置であるWDXが主に用いられていましたが昨今の半導体検出器の発展により、よりコンパクトかつ簡便なEDXが様々な場面で用いられるようになりました。しかし、得られるデータにはそれぞれの光学系の特徴が反映されており、同一な分析データが得られるものではありません。このWebinarでは、WDXとEDXそれぞれの光学系の特徴をご紹介するとともに、得意・不得意なアプリケーション事例をご紹介します。また、最新WDX装置S8 TIGER Series 2 を用いた微小部測定例もご紹介し、微小部分析におけるWDX装置とEDX装置の得手不得手の点についてもご案内します。
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This webinar is held in Japanese.
Sep 20, 2017

Forensic Applications for Micro-XRF
Micro-XRF combines several features which make it ideal for the investigation of forensic samples. The technique can be used to scan large areas, provides simultaneous information on multiple elements down to the trace element level, can be applied under ambient conditions and is non-destructive. In this webinar we will focus on two applications which are common in the field of forensics: Shooting distance determination and small particle analysis, here on the example of glass fragments.
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Jul 5, 2017

Applied Comparison in Coating Analysis – Micro-XRF and Handheld XRF
This webinar will discuss the measurements of coatings using the Bruker M1 MISTRAL Micro-XRF spectrometer and Bruker S1 TITAN handheld XRF analyzer. Micro-XRF and handheld XRF are complementary coating analysis techniques which both provide some unique benefits. You will learn how to perform a straightforward, automated analysis using the programmable sample stage with Micro-XRF and how the handheld XRF can help to perform quick and non-destructive on-site measurements of large specimens or at difficult-to-reach locations.
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Webinar Content
Jun 29, 2017

Explore the Microcosmos!
Learn how the new features of the WDXRF spectrometer S8 TIGER work and how it can help you solving today’s questions. Learn more about XRF technology and how it compares to other techniques.
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Jun 15, 2017

Latest advances in identifying mineral composition variation by the M4 TORNADO AMICS
Bruker’s new game changing M4 TORNADOAMICS spectrometer allows the creation of mineral maps from spatially resolved X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) signals. This enables a new way to discover minerals and investigate rocks samples in the decimeter to micrometer range, including drill cores and thin sections.
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Jun 1, 2017

Different Approaches to Bulk Quantification
In XRF there are different approaches to the quantification of spectra from bulk samples. Every quantification approach has specific strengths and weaknesses, but the M4 TORNADO’s “tool box” of suitable quantification methods provides you with appropriate options when it comes to quantification of non-ideal sample types.
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May 22, 2017

Launch S8 TIGER Series 2
Watch this webinar to find out about the newest technical innovations in Wavelengths Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) analysis.
The all-new S8 TIGER Series features HighSense technology, XRF2 analysis as well as EZ Ergo.
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Apr 20, 2017

This is the key! How to get better result with high sensitivity XRF
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This webinar is held in Japanese.