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Contact our MRI service centers

Bruker BioSpin MRI provide dedicated hotlines and service centers, so that our specialists can respond as quickly as possible to all your service requests, applications questions, software or technical needs.

To provide you a full support in the shortest period of time, please contact the relevant hotline:

Hardware Hotline

For questions concerning:

  • Hardware problems
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Service visits
  • Magnet, periphery & siting

call Bruker BioSpin MRI's Hardware Hotline at:
+49 (0)721 5161-6521 or send us an e-mail to 
MRI hardware support

Software Hotline

For solutions related to:

  • ParaVision® (not XWIN-NMR/TopSpin)
  • Linux/network configurations (Bruker PCs only!)

call Bruker BioSpin MRI's Software at: 
+49 (0)721 5161-6588 or send us an e-mail to 
MRI software support

Application Hotline

For help concerning:

  • Parameter/protocol optimization
  • Image artifacts
  • Animal accessories
  • General system handling
  • syngo for ClinScan

call Bruker BioSpin MRI's Application Hotline at:
+49 (0)721 5161-6621 or send us an e-mail to 
MRI application support