July 17, 2015

Bruker announces name change of SCION GC-TQ to EVOQ GC-TQ

Dear Valued Bruker Customer,

It is our goal at Bruker to ensure that our customers' needs and expectations are exceeded and to continuously innovate our product offering and our customer support. As part of this effort we focused our business and customer offering on the GC and LC-TQ products for the Applied Markets in 2014, and transferred our complete TQ production and supply chain to the large and well equipped factory in Bremen, Germany. Furthermore, Bruker decided to use the well-known and strong brand name EVOQ (used for LC-TQ since 2012) for our GC-TQ products (formerly named as SCION). The re-branding of SCION to EVOQ will lead to the following name changes, as follows: EVOQ GC-TQ, EVOQ GC-TQ Select and EVOQ GC-TQ Premium. This change will become effective on 1st July 2015. The GC-TQ instruments, regardless of whether it was a SCION or an EVOQ instrument will stay exactly the same from a hardware and configuration perspective.

What will this mean to you in detail?

  • If you have already placed an order for a GC-TQ system (SCION) we can still deliver this system as a SCION. If you prefer to receive this instrument as an EVOQ GC-TQ (new cover etc.) we are happy to change the order and related documents and to fulfill your order by shipping an EVOQ GC-TQ branded instrument. Please contact your sales representative if you have further questions.
  • For open quotes and system orders that are under negotiation, please discuss with your sales representative if we can change the quote and the subsequent order into an EVOQ GC-TQ order.
  • Effective 1st July 2015 we are planning to book new orders under the new brand name as EVOQ GC-TQ only based on a new price list with new EVOQ GC-TQ part numbers.

We hope that through this communication we can assist you in planning and preparing for your future support requirements. If you would like a quotation or need additional information to aid your decision-making, please call your local Bruker sales representative or visit our website at: www.bruker.com/products/mass-spectrometry-and-separations/gc-triple-quad-ms/overview.html