April 1, 2014

Bruker Corporation today announced the launch of the new compact spectrometer EM27/SUN

EM27 Sun

New compact EM27/SUN spectrometer for atmospheric measurements

Munich, Germany, – April 1, 2014 - Bruker Corporation today announced the launch of the new compact spectrometer EM27/SUN for atmospheric measurements by solar absorption spectroscopy.

The EM27/SUN features the new CAMTracker system which is an improved version of the well-know solar tracker utilizing an innovative camera-based feedback system following the sun as light source. The outstanding tracking accuracy is the basis for high-precision quantifications. Additionally the new CAMTracker provides direct line-of-sight information and is insensitive to inhomogenuos illumination. Due to its very compact and robust design, relatively low weight, and intuitive user interface the EM27/SUN is highly portable and hence ideally suited for long term measurement campaigns in remote areas with little infrastructure.

“The new EM27/SUN represents a mobile analyzer dedicated to atmospheric studies with outstanding performance at a yery attractive price. Our intention for the EM27/SUN is to provide researchers an effective analyzer that allows for collecting spectral information to follow-up on changes in our global environment even at remote areas“ stated Urban Faeh, Division President of Bruker Optics.

The EM27/SUN rounds off Bruker’s product portfolio for environmental gas analytics in addition to the well-established worldwide reference for ultra-high resolution spectrometers IFS125HR. Bruker’s product line of spectrometers for gas analytics additionally comprises remote sensing systems like the hyperspectral imager HI90, scanning imager SIGIS 2, open-path-air monitoring-system OPS with retroreflector array, and the EM27.

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