September 1, 2015

Bruker Elemental names Portable XRF Services (PXRFS) as Authorized Application Centre for Australia

Kennewick, WA USA – September 1, 2015 - Bruker Elemental is pleased to announce Portable XRF Services ( as our Authorized Applications Centre for Oceana. As an Authorized Applications Centre, PXRFS has been fully trained in all aspects of instrument operation, and most importantly, creating custom calibrations for Bruker’s Tracer and S1 TITAN handheld XRF analyzers.

Portable XRF Services, based in West Perth, Australia, was established in 2010 by Dr. Nigel and Christabel Brand to provide independent services into the ever increasing pXRF market. Portable XRF Services offers pre/post sales consulting and training, as well as rental equipment. While they are fully trained for all of Bruker’s handheld XRF calibrations and applications, they have a unique resume which is especially well suited for the mining & mineral industry.  PXRFS now offers the S1 TITAN series in their rental fleet for application ranging from exploration to soil remediation and with the expertise in custom calibrations, can provide an S1 TITAN to suit clients exact project needs. PXRFS offers and guarantees superior data quality by careful setup and customization of the analyzers for a project, which it demonstrated most recently at the International GEOANALYSIS 2015 Meeting of Geochemists in Leoben, Austria.

PXRFS works closely with Bruker’s Australian distributor, Laboratory Analysers Australia (who is our official sales distributor and service provider in Australia & New Zealand), to provide a complete solutions package: consulting, quality portable XRF analyzers, custom calibrations.

About Bruker Corporation: Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) is a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for diagnostics, industrial and applied analysis. Bruker designs and manufactures a line of high-performance handheld XRF (HH-XRF) analyzers including the Tracer and S1 TITAN series, which serve a wide range of applications, materials and industries. Whether it’s in aerospace or automotive applications, in metals processing or fabrication, in electronics manufacturing, in a refinery, in a museum, in mining & GeoChemistry, in recycling & scrap sorting, in AgriScience or in field environmental analysis—Bruker’s Tracer and TITAN XRF analyzers will quickly and accurately identify the elemental composition of your samples. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:

Jerry Sooter, Marketing Manager, Bruker Elemental, Kennewick, Washington, USA,, 1-509-9850 x 262.

Mrs. Christabel Brand, Managing Director, Portable XRF Services, West Perth, Australia,,  +61(0)8 9321 2830